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Introducing ME… I’d go on and on and on if not for the not-more-than-400-word scheme

Since this would be my first post, it would do well to introduce myself before anything else. And with introduction, I do not only refer to personal information because frankly, THIS IS NOT A RESUME. What is important is that people know who I really am beyond my name, my address, or the university I go to.

I am Joanne Billones, a 17 year-old sophomore from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (Sta. Mesa) taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. My home is located in Commonwealth, Quezon City, an hour and a half drive from my school. I live with my protective and loving parents and my three sometimes-charming-but-mostly-stubborn little sisters. We are a family who stays strong in facing the difficulties of life, whose refuge is each other’s hefty laughter and helping hand.

I was born on June 24, 1997, Feast day of St. John, hence the name (Joanne is a feminine form of John). My name literally means “God is gracious” and I am absolutely positive that He is. I am a habitual daydreamer. My love for fiction stretches to the end of the universe. Reading is my passion. You can give me a book, a pack of chips, and a cup of coffee, and you will never hear anything from me until I’m done reading (as long as it’s not purely academic, or else I’ll doze off). I also love watching movies. I could easily love a character from a book or a movie who I think complements me. I am not into sports. I have a funny handwriting (it’s not hideous, it’s artistic!). AND I’M NOT INTO MATH.

What made me choose to take up BS Accountancy are people telling me that it offers big opportunities in the career world and that, “IT’S LOGIC, NOT MATH”. Honestly, Accountancy isn’t my first love, but I’m trying and I think I’m into it already. Now Accountancy plays hard-to-get. I’m a little annoyed. But as of my second year in PUP, I believe that I am taking steps closer to being a Certified Public Accountant. I am fortunate to have passed the PUPCET as I am receiving high-quality education as an “Iskolar ng Bayan”. I believe that PUP produces competent professionals, especially in the field of Accountancy. I’m closer to being one of them. God is with me.


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